Samantha Thomas

The Calm before the Storm

22 June 2018

On the 22nd of June 2018
We were grateful to be asked to share our experience's
as inspirational women of 2018
for the "Suffragettes" Celebration at

DWP Digital in Manchester.

We heard from Inspirational speakers, those who had overcome difficulties.

We heard from the DWP on how the face of their business is changing.

Being more aware of
Depression, Anxiety and other Mental Health Issues

Both for their Customers and their Staff

More about Diversity and Inclusion
and how they can embrace and assist anyone.

A very positive and inspiring day of conversation
also supplied with a lovely tea and Celebration Cake.

As part of the Diversity and Inclusion our Founder
Samantha, gave a talk on her journey.

About staying positive, even though she faced many
walls, with no support from anywhere.

She faced abuse, people making fun of her

What support was out there was very political, but that just doesn't help a person who needs Help and Support.

So it started in 2011, she tirelessly worked hard to set a course of action, she does everything with a
" Heart first Approach"

To give Help and Support to the Trangender Community with that

"Heart First Approach"

gradually, turning I cant do it into, I CAN.

She spoke to the room, some said to her after the talk, you could hear a pin drop.

Some were brought to tears, by what they had heard.

After her talk, a lot of people approached her, thanking her for the information she had shared with them.

"Giving people the Knowledge,
brings more understanding to Life"

Samantha Thomas

Talk all done, time for Cake

22nd June 2018

Samantha Thomas


May 2018

The New Regulation (GDPR)
is being launched in May,
in light of this information,

We have taken steps to ensure that we are covered and those who use our services.

Things we include are:
1. Awareness
2. Information we hold
3. Communicating privacy information
4. a Person's Individual rights
5. Subject access requests
6. Lawful basis for processing personal data
7. Consent
8. Children
9. Data breaches
10. Data Protection by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessments
11. Data Protection Officers
12. International

All this protects you as a client, but also ensures
we are taking care of (GDPR) too.

A copy of our GDPR

is given to each client we work with and a consent form

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Discussing Trans Issues increases the awareness and understanding of the wide range of gender diversity

in children, adolescents & adults by providing family support.

By building a stronger community, increasing society Awareness & improving the well-being for people of all gender identities and expressions.

We strive to approach every encounter with

‘ A Heart First Approach ’

Our strong values are

•Generosity of Spirit





•Growth and creativity


Plans for 2019

After many years of hardwork, it is our hope to be working alongside the DWP.

We do not get any monies for the work that we do

It is our hope to start delivering more Courses and Awareness Days to Business.

To raise much needed monies for Transgender people, who maybe Unemployed or on Low Incomes.

  • This covers the costs of Documents
  • Treatments not funded by the NHS
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Creating Employment
  • Support Groups

The funding for Transgender Issues is very limited as its still seen as a taboo subject.

So raising the monies ourselves through Awareness Days and Courses, will help us give the much needed Support to Transgender people to reduce the number of suicides.

Did you know ?

Here is Some Facts

Current facts

There is a 20% to 30% increase of Transgender People coming to the NHS for help
each year.

In another 5 to 10 years time
there will be more Transgender people looking for work

As it stands now there are thousands of people out of work due to the climate
but what about those who are fit & able to work,

but just don't get a chance of getting a job
because of lack of understanding

Did you know ?

This is probably the most common misconception about trans people.
Many people incorrectly associate being Transgender with automatically living a “Crazy lifestyle”

This is based on tv and in the movies. 

The truth is, they are just like you, with Hopes and Dreams for the future.

They want to have a job, a social life, be accepted for who they are.

Reality is, they find it hard to secure jobs, some people tend to walk away from them.

loneiness and isolation, just for being themselves

Their lives seem just on hold and as one person described it

"Its like waiting to Die"

How and when do you know if you're trans?

Generally, you figure it out in early childhood. The question any trans kid has been confronted with over time has been,

"What do you do about it?"

And if you lack the words to talk about it or express your problem to your family, where and when do you start?

Back in the day, you'd have more trans folks transitioning later in life, perhaps out of fear, sometimes because of parents being alot stricter than they are now.

Today, we're finding more kids able and willing to articulate their transness, and more parents ready and willing to listen. So while the "how" isn't going to change much, the "when" is happening much earlier in life.

Are trans people part of human history, or just a recent phenomenon?

We've been a part of humanity for as long as we can tell, going back to ancient Egypt and Rome or aboriginal societies.

With trans people identified in Eastern, Western, and Native American culture.

We've been around long before academics first started studying trans individuals (most famously, early 20th century sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld) or trans woman Christine Jorgensen made news for having surgery in 1952.

Aren't public toilets a problem?

Someone who was born male using a women's toilet or whatever?

It hasn't been, and there is literally no reason to think it should be.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but trans people use the toilets, same as everyone else, every day, same as everyone else.

If they were any risk, you'd have long since heard about it, because hundreds of thousands of trans people have been using public toilets for decades.

For all of the demonization of and scare-mongering about trans people in the media, there has literally never been a problem.


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