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Simplifying Transgender Issues for your Business

Gender Diversity can help your School, College or University provide a supportive, non-discriminatory environment for all students, including gender-nonconforming and transgender children.
We help administrators, teachers, and staff gently move from awareness to action in order to create more inclusive learning and social environments.

Our trainings provide accurate, up-to-date, accessible information regarding the best practices schools can implement to create an inclusive environment for all students, regardless of gender status, and on an age-appropriate level.

Increased awareness and education regarding gender identity enables all children to achieve a more open and confident school experience.
Our aim is to not only assist a school in the optimal inclusion of Transgender Students, but to highlight the ways that creating a more inclusive environment benefits all students.
Scheduling a training or consultation with Transgender Diversity will help you…
•Understand, adhere and fully implement a school’s anti-discrimination and inclusion policies

•More fully incorporate the topic of gender within the school’s existing diversity programs and commitments

•Support a transgender student through a gender transition

•Increase the school community’s understanding of gender identity and expression as it relates to all students

•Seek specific guidance relating to gender-segregated spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, sports and other team activities

•Adequately and confidently answer questions from parents or other students

•With one-on-one lesson planning or problem-solving with a teacher, staff or administrator

•Develop age-appropriate classroom instruction on issues related to gender and gender diverse identities and expressions

Colleges & Universitites

NHS Health Care Provider’s Training

Find The Light foundation offers professional training programs designed to increase the understanding of Transgender populations of all ages.

Our seminars serve to increase the knowledge of concepts such as gender identity and gender expression and the diverse ways in which these can manifest.

Through increased understanding, medical and mental health providers, hospitals and medical clinics. And all other care providers who work with or provide services for those who are transgender and/or gender non-conforming can advance their skills in addressing the needs of these diverse populations.

Consider us for any educational need including staff training, grand or guest lectures, educational workshops, understanding your legal obligations and addressing human resource factors.

Educational components can include:

•Identifying Best Practices and Standards of Care

•Creating an Inclusive Practice/Workplace

•Understanding Social and Institutional Barriers to Care

•Age Differences and Other Considerations for Transgender Populations

•Working with Families of Transgender Children

•Assessing Stages of Gender Identity Development in Children

•Providing Competent Care

•Individual or Case-specific Consultation

•Distinguishing between Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

•Cultural and Ethnic Considerations

•Differences in parenting approaches

•Siblings of transgender children

•Legal obligations




Transgender issues are still very much a taboo subject in Business today.

A lot of Employers, either do not have the knowledge to employ a Transgender person, therefore may overlook them in recruitment. Some may worry it will affect the needs of their business

Will you lose Customers or Clients?

The answer to that question is No

When you Recruit a Transgender person, its not just about giving them a job, its about giving them a chance at life. 

Are you a Business or Organisation, that needs to understand, the needs of employing a Transgender Person ?

Are you a School, College or University, that may need
Awareness days to help with your Students


do you just need more information and guidance
on any issues relating to Gender

Here at
"Find The Light Foundation"

We offer Awareness Days for your Company & Workforce

For Students

Talks & Workshops

Assistance with Human Resources Documents

A Certificate to confirm you are a
Diversity Champion,

as a Company you will see the person that is able and willing to do the job in hand.

You are making a difference to someone's life

Workplace Sensitivity and Inclusivity

If your Organization or Business is unfamiliar with the language and concepts relating to the transgender individuals or community, we can help.

•What are your legal obligations in relation to an employee considering a gender transition?

•Do you work with a person who is gender non-conforming but stumble on which pronoun to use?

•What about gender-segregated spaces such as bathrooms?

•Want to create a gender inclusive environment or reach a transgender clientele but don’t know where to start?

•How do you address questions and concerns of co-workers, customers, or clients?

Gender Diversity can help your organization navigate the complexities that sometimes arise when encountering these and other situations.

In a non-confrontational manner, we will walk you through the basics of gender identity and expression, the applicability of these concepts, the ethical and legal considerations and apply them to your specific circumstances or workplace.

The goal of our trainings is to identify stumbling blocks and assist in creating simple ways to alleviate them. Our trainers lead engaging, collaborative workshops with ample time to ask questions.

We can provide generalized, informative sessions or tailor a workshop to examine factors unique to your situation. Email or call us for more information.

The knowledge and insight acquired through our trainings can dramatically improve positive outcomes for staff, administration, and employees.

Here is just a few of the Training packages we offer.

If you require something more Tailor Made for your Business

Please don't hesitate to contact us

Email us


With a brief description of what you would like in your Training Session.


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